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The Beginning....I built my first forge in January, 2014. As soon as I saw the first piece of glowing metal, I was hooked. My first charcoal / coal forge sat outside my garage, until I built the Smithy. It's built from mostly reclaimed materials, including old tin from my Grandpa's old shop. What started out as a hobby, quickly turned into a full-time career. 
The blacksmith...
I'm a self taught, full-time Blacksmith in NE Oklahoma. I merge traditional and modern techniques to create one of a kind, functional art. Being self taught has been a challenge, and most traditionally trained blacksmiths would probably think how I do things is a little crazy, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
The Forge...
The forge is supplied air by a antique Champion hand crank blower. I fabricated the table and fire pot. It burns charcoal and coal. I also have a small propane forge for smaller items that might burn up in the bigger forge.
The Fuel... 
I primarily use homemade charcoal to fuel the forge, with coal and propane on hand as well. The charcoal is made in 55 gallon drums, from dead wood on my land. Charcoal is healthier to work with, better for the environment, and had been used for thousands of years before coal.
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David O'Steen

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